Release v21.3.2

v21.3.2 (2021-10-11)

? New Features

  • etl: update Enemy Territory: Legacy to 2.78 (#3609)

? Bug Fixes

  • pstbs: fix queryport from config (#3597)
  • details: steam port showing when unavailable
  • deps: missing dependency libsdl (#3590)
  • deps: steamcmd will be removed as a requirement is appid is missing (#3606)
  • telegram: resolve alert sending invalid json (#3605)
  • info: resolve distroversionrh error for some non English language (#3607)

Release v21.3.0

This update includes 3 new supported game servers, Last Oasis, Survive the Nights and Day of Dragons. There have also been significant refactoring of the info and dependency modules. Although a huge amount of difference should be noticed to you the changes make it much easier to add and update game servers.

With the info refactor a lot of work has been done to check each game servers port info is as accurate as possible meaning you will see improved port info in details with the ability to see if the port is listening.

For dependency refactor I have created a new system that uses csv files to get dependency requirements. Making them easier to add and update and less likely to be incorrect. This will also make it easier to add support for other distos.

A new alert type Gotify is now available along with the addition of stats to see which alert types are the most popular.

For the popular server, Valheim support for installing Valheim Plus has been added. Along with other most for Gmod and CS:GO.

Why did this Release take so Long?

I normally try to complete releases every couple of months. However, this year has been different. As some of you may know I recently got a new job, moved back to where I grew up and am in the process of buying a house. There has been a significant change in my life over the past year meaning development had temporarily slowed. It has been a very positive and busy year for me.

The other reason has been the code refactoring that although is vital for the future of the project (see technical debt), is slow going. But as this work is done it improves the development process for myself and others and improves the quality of LinuxGSM.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this release by either contributing code, sponsoring me or helping others. Without the support of the LinuxGSM community, the project would not be where it is today.

v21.3.0 (2021-09-26)

? New Features

  • newserver: Last Oasis (#3565)
  • newserver: Survive the Nights (#3427)
  • newserver: Day of Dragons (#3351)
  • info: refactor info modules (#3428)
  • install: dependency refactor (#3568)
  • alerts: add Gotify support to alerts (#3509)
  • stats: allow stats on which alerts are being used (#3550)
  • vh: add support for Valheim Plus mod (#3346)
  • mods: Added Dhooks, Movement API and Cleaner for GOKZ (#3511)
  • mods: More Gmod addons utilising the installer (#3401)

? Bug Fixes

  • ip: improvements to ip command usage (#3570)
  • arma3: resolve arma3 debug not working (#3409)
  • cod4: Improve servername and rcon password parsing (#3564)
  • mh: add config to startparameters (#3421)

Release v21.2.4

This hotfix addresses a bug introduced in SteamCMD recently causing a “disk write failure” error message.

The recent Minecraft update 1.17 has increased the Java requirement to Java 16. Currently Ubuntu 20.04 and above have Java 16 by default but other distros may require manual installation.

? Bug Fixes

  • steamcmd: resolve disk write failure bug (#3483)
  • mc: add Java 16 as a dependency requirement for Ubuntu 20.04 and above (#3482)

OVHCloud US Partner with LinuxGSM

I am very excited to announce that OVHCloud US has partnered with LinuxGSM. They are supplying me with 2 of their beefy INFRA-2 servers.

Over the past month, I have setup Proxmox on both and paired them using the OVH vRack. It has been a great learning experience to start using an Open Source Hypervisor. I have migrated over my webserver and I am very pleased with the speed increase of now having nVMe drives and a sizable CPU increase from my existing Dedicated server.

These new servers have also allowed me to set up several permanent Official LinuxGSM Servers that will always allow me to quickly test and monitor the most popular Game Servers. Having a new partner has allowed me to diversify my production servers and test environments.

If you are in the market for a new dedicated server to host your LinuxGSM server check out the OVHCloud Game Range that is designed to handle the most demanding of game servers and comes with a gaming firewall as standard, for DDOS protection specifically adapted for dealing with UDP traffic.

I have been in contact with James MacKenzie at OVHCloud who has produced a brilliant LinuxGSM tutorial for Rust and is planning to add another for Valheim in the future.

I would like to thank all my partners, sponsors and everyone who has contributed to and supports LinuxGSM.


In this hotfix, there are several fixes for Rust primarily around the wipe command and random seed. This was meant to be a small change that turned into a significant refactor of the wipe command.

The wipe commands are now the following.

./rustserver map-wipe
./rustserver full-wipe

The old names do still apply so no changes to your cronjobs are required.

I have also fixed a few image-related issues with Rust and discord.

v21.2.3 (2021-04-06)

? New Features

  • mcb: gamedig is now supported (#3389)
  • etl: update ET: Legacy to 2.77.1 (#3417)
  • wipe: resolve random seed and simplify wipe (#3420)

? Bug Fixes

  • arma3: increase glibc requirement to 2.27 (#3408)
  • alert: correct discord avatar from png to jpg (#3410)
  • rust: increase rust query delay (#3412)
  • rust: resolve rust seed not loading to server (#3407)


v21.2.2 (2021-03-15)

? Bug Fixes

core: fix start paramerter reloading (#3380)
config: parms setting will work again if present in configs (#3381)
valheim: disable queryport if public is set to 0 (#3374)
start: revert commit removing quotes from tmux