This release sees Quake 4 added, a bunch of fixes, refactoring and a UE4 server tidy-up, including finding a few servers that have been upgraded to UE5. While this is not the most exciting release the quality-of-life improvements will help existing servers. Full changelog can be found here.

Currently, I am slowly going through each of the game servers I am hosting, opening the ports and ensuring I can connect to them. It is proving to be a great exercise in highlighting any issues with existing game servers and you will see fixes being added as I find them. A prime example is issue #4389 which highlighted that the was so old that unless you manually updated it a Killing Floor server would not show in the steam server browser. This is the sort of issue I would not have noticed unless I re-tested KF.

On a side note, I rediscovered Natural Selection 2 and have been playing it for the past week or so because I was just testing the game server. It has a small dedicated community and it has been great to pickup a game I haven’t played in years.

Work continues to add new features and fixes and I am looking forward to another year of development of a project that has run for over 10 years.

As always thank you to everyone who contributes to LinuxGSM and if you enjoy my work consider sponsoring me.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.