Release 180908: Post Scriptum

A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Post Scriptum as the latest server addition. Changelog New Server: Post Scriptum #1911 Details will now list if server on the steam master server #1847 (where applicable) Added option to disable ANSI colours Fix #1949 Rust: refactor or wipe command Rust: Added wipeall command #1830 Details will no longer exit if IP is not […]

Release 180718: Eco & HL1 Mods

Eco Brain Bread Vampire Slayer Natural Selection Changelog Issues Bots Added – Bots have been added to assist with issue management. Lock-Threads Bot – Closed issues that are inactive for 1 year are locked. No-Response Bot – Issues labelled “waiting response” will be closed after being inactive for 30 days. Potential Duplicate Bot – Identifies […]

LinuxGSM has a Vagrant File

I have been playing with Vagrant recently and have created a basic Vagrant file that will setup a VM ready to deploy any LinuxGSM game server. For those that know about Vagrant know its great at quickly creating virtual environments in a specific way. Eliminating the requirement to manually install a VM. Vagrant is a […]

Release 180409: Rising Worlds and ET: Legacy

Rising Worlds ET: Legacy node-gamedig Integration LinuxGSM now supports node-gamedig query tool. This allows live info to be added to details such as players, current map and bots. node-gamedig can also be used with monitor instead of gsquery. node-gamedig is currently optional and not required to run LinuxGSM. We will be looking at further uses for […]

Release 180318: Battalion 1944 and Base Defense

Battalion 1944 Base Defense Been a busy weekend of releasing new updates. Some of you will be pleased to hear that Battalion 1944 server has been created thanks to @marvinlehmann. The HL mod Base Defense has also been released thanks to @hurdad. For Garry’s Mod users the PAC3 Mod has been added to the mods installer, […]

Stationeers Server Released

Stationeers Stationeers is the latest server to be released with LinuxGSM support thanks to FliesWithWind. Along with the new release there are a few bug fixes. You may of noticed fewer releases recently as I have been away for the past few months. However I am back now so new servers releases will be more frequent […]

Updated Website

Welcome to the updated LinuxGSM website with new domain Changes include: Updated streamlined design New domain New merchandise shop from redbubble Various page updates As you can see there is now a news section and all updates will be posted here instead of the steam group.