This new release sees Arma Reforger and Project Cars 2 added as supported servers. As usual a whole bunch of fixes and improvements mainly from the awesome LinuxGSM community. Please see the list below to see all the changes.

As you can all tell this is another release that has taken time to come out. This is still due to ongoing personal commitments. I think its worth repeating I would like to thank everyone who is helping the project while I continue to get sorted out.

You all might like to know that LinuxGSM is now 10 years old after being started as a quick script at a LAN party to spin up a couple of server in 2012!!

  • fix(deps): add missing dep for distro-info by @h3o66 in #3732
  • fix(vh): log a message when the password is not set or to short by @h3o66 in #3738
  • fix(unt): resolve start parameter issues #2681 by @sharaga44 in #3733
  • refactor(core): move curl check to main file by @h3o66 in #3740
  • fix(av): fix port for config info by @h3o66 in #3826
  • fix(squad): fix variable for queryport by @h3o66 in #3824
  • fix(deps): change openjdk to version 17 for debian 11 by @h3o66 in #3825
  • fix(ns2): remove login by @h3o66 in #3759
  • fix(sdtdserver): monitor command fails by @parasyte in #3764
  • fix(ns2): change mods commandline by @h3o66 in #3760
  • feat(mods): CSGO Mods – Scrape latest version for GOKZ and MovementAPI by @mounten in #3841
  • fix (arma3server): prevent multiple loading mods failing due to accidental line termination by @deveyus in #3845
  • feat(new server): Project Cars 2 by @dgibbs64 in #3842
  • refactor: move steammaster check to info_game by @h3o66 in #3821
  • fix(tfcserver): Fix ip flag in _default.cfg by @jonahwh in #3859
  • chore: Set permissions for GitHub actions by @nathannaveen in #3849
  • fix(mcb): fix renaming whitelist to allowlist by @h3o66 in #3883
  • feat(mcb): allow to set hard a version for the server by @h3o66 in #3881
  • fix(ark): rework parsing of config by @h3o66 in #3878
  • feat(newserver): Arma Reforger by @h3o66 in #3871
  • fix(arma3): rework parsing of config by @Marcin648 in #3886

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