In the latest release, several enhancements and fixes have been introduced. Notable features include parallel backup creation using pigz for faster backups. Significant work on compatibility with gamedig 5, including auto install of gamedig if nodejs is installed as well as LinuxGSM will peg to a specific version of gamedig to prevent breaking changes. Additionally, alerts now support Telegram group topics and silent notifications. The release also introduces the Humanitz server, updates paths for Warfork, and ensures dependency consistency. Palworld developers changed the binary name so that has also been updated.

What’s Changed

  • feat(backup): add parallel backup creation using pigz by @MicLieg in #4509
  • feat(monitor): prepare for gamedig 5 by @dgibbs64 in #4510
  • fix(pwserver): fix updated start parameters by @MicLieg in #4516
  • fix(info_game): add ip query timeout and backup api service by @MicLieg in #4524
  • feat(alerts): add support for telegram group topics & silent notifications by @MicLieg in #4526
  • feat(dev): add new developer command for parsing distro details by @MicLieg in #4523
  • feat(new server): humanitz by @ocristopfer in #4518
  • Update Warfork path by @Gelmo in #4541
  • fix: add humanitz icon by @ocristopfer in #4536
  • build(deps): bump actions/add-to-project from 0.5.0 to 0.6.1 by @dependabot in #4538
  • fix(parse-details): change heading of output & add hint for creating new variables by @MicLieg in #4531
  • fix(vh): update bepinexvh url to new url #4547 by @siljelb in #4548
  • build(deps): bump actions/add-to-project from 0.5.0 to 1.0.0 by @dependabot in #4546
  • fix(vh): update binary name to PalServer-Linux-Shipping by @dgibbs64 in #4551
  • Release v24.2.0 by @dgibbs64 in #4552

New Contributors

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