Hello Everyone. In this release, I focused on under-the-hood features and bug fixes.

This update will force a restart of your game server to deal with a change in how LinuxGSM uses tmux. The monitor command will pick up this and restart as required. If there are any issues with your game server a full reboot of your server will clear it.

Highlights include

Migrate stats to GA-4: Google sunset Universal analytics which I used to gather the stats that you can see on the stats page. GA-4 does improve how stats are gathered behind the scenes. As servers are upgraded stats will start to re-populate on the page. Please opt into stats as they are always interesting to see. A new stat that is gathered is if the serve is running on docker, KVM or bare metal.

Vintage Story has had a refactor and is now using .net rather than mono.

Tmux handling has been refactored to improve “uniqueness” It’s quite a technical change but in summary helps prevent linuxgsm from picking up the wrong tmux session in certain scenarios. For more technical info see the PR.

Lock files have been refactored to allow monitor to better understand the state of the game server. Ensuring monitor will not run if other commands such as backup, debug and update are already running.

A long-standing issue with SteamCMD and Gold source games such as CS 1.6, not download reliability now has a fix in place to handle such a problem. So hopefully no more trying many times to get downloads to work.

Post Scriptum has been renamed from pstbsserver to just psserver. Any one using this game should re-download Linuxgsm with its new name.

There have also been a whole bunch of quality-of-life fixes and refactoring to keep up with any changes in how the game servers work.

A reminder that docker containers are now officially supported so give them a try.

Full release details and commits can be found on github