This release mainly focuses on fixing and refactoring a number of servers that have broken due to major changes in their configuration. For example Rising World migrated to the Unity engine or Arma Reforgers config changes. As well as updating The Isle to use evrima branch by default. I have also integrated what I hope to be a permanent fix for the goldsrc engine steamcmd downloads bug that has plagued us for years. A special thanks to a community member of The Isle for their guidance on the rework of the server.

Since the docker containers have been released I have managed to spin up all game servers across my servers (Sponsored by OVHCloud and Linode) which has allowed me to identify and fix various (sometimes breaking) bugs mainly on lesser-used game servers. I will now have all the servers permanently running to speed up development and identify breaking changes when inevitable changes cause issues.

As always thank you to everyone that supports the project by contributing code, supporting others, or sponsoring me.

  • feat: add header to serverlist.csv by @dgibbs64 in #4231
  • feat(rw): migrate rising world to unity engine by @dgibbs64 in #4261
  • feat: game server config migration by @dgibbs64 in #4262
  • fix(ti): Update config using evrima branch by @dgibbs64 in #4263
  • feat: download appmanifest files for goldsrc games by @dgibbs64 in #4260
  • fix(armar): adapts game info to the new specification of server config by @Marcin648 in #4240
  • build(deps): bump github/issue-labeler from 3.1 to 3.2 by @dependabot in #4258
  • fix(armar): fix parsing new a2s config by @Marcin648 in #4268
  • fix: rework wurm server by @dgibbs64 in #4266
  • Fix(tmux): better tmux session handling for multiple instance on same server / user session by @cclecle in #3767