v20.1.0 (2020-03-13)

🎉 New Features

  • post-details: change default post target from hastebin to termbin (#2645) (ce2005a) by Frisasky
  • debian based distros will now use the steamcmd package (ef7cdb0) by Daniel Gibbs
  • update: allow linuxgsm to use steamcmd from apt (#2697) (6874f93) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: use a new linuxgsm domain linuxgsm.download for files (#2698) (0ea6a6e) by Daniel Gibbs
  • newserver: Unreal Tournament 4 (#2644) (9f91d4e) by Frisasky
  • newserver: Onset (#2682) (8bc25e1) by Frédéric C
  • mcserver: update minecraft server to support release branches (#2696) (f2c8501) by Daniel Hultgren
  • install: deprecate centos6 support and tmux source install detect (#2709) (8f44255) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: convert libstdc++6:i386 to lib32stdc++6 (#2707) (4ba7fc0) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: refactor check dependencies (#2708) (4b06363) by Daniel Gibbs
  • convert commandname to modulename (#2728) (d106384) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rm command best practices (#2729) (3a6f7f9) by Daniel Gibbs
  • general code standards improvements (#2730) (abaa614) by Daniel Gibbs
  • _default.cfg: Refactor of _default.cfg messages (#2725) (8740b34) by Daniel Gibbs
  • deprecate servercfgfullpath variable (#2724) (260428f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • removed libdir as no longer required (#2732) (c27a0b3) by Daniel Gibbs
  • standardise config vars and fix session only monitor (#2736) (306faa9) by Daniel Gibbs

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • legacy: add service name to core_legacy.sh (fb69baf) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rustserver: fix typo for rust wipe code (#2634) (d09b2ed) by Frisasky
  • doiserver: resolve server failing to restart without -norestart (#2651) (18c6788) by Frisasky
  • nmrihserver: add symbolic links to fix the crashes related to missing files (#2668) (4a0c59d) by Stijn
  • install: add code to auto accept steamcmd deb license (#2705) (45b3a4d) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: catch error should ifconfig.co fail (#2704) (0af1f5e) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: add java dependency check for wurm (#2710) (e607122) by Daniel Gibbs
  • stats: fix stats bugs with language and sending stats (#2727) (466bc15) by Daniel Gibbs
  • fix: fix sof2 LD_LIBRARY_PATH and standardise usage (#2731) (8a29dcc) by Daniel Gibbs
  • dstserver: fix config installation (#2742) (f6c332b) by Daniel Gibbs



This release has been quite a tough one with quite a bit of backend refactoring. Notable changes include moving Teamspeak 3 to use tmux, which was the only server not to use it. Refactor of the monitor command, now monitor settings can be set from _default.cfg making it much easier to add a new game server. Lots of standardising code based on shellcheck standards have also been happening to improve the code quality.

A new server many have been wanting Minecraft: Bedrock is now supported.

An important feature for myself as a developer LinuxGSM Stats is new to this release. LinuxGSM Stats allows you to send anonymous information to assist development such as game server, distro, disk usage etc. This is an opt-in feature so please consider enabling the feature as it is the best way for me to see how many game servers use LinuxGSM. For more info here.

GitHub Sponsors is now live and they are offering to match all sponsorship donations for the first year, so if you sponsor $10, I receive $20. I have signed up to this so please consider sponsoring via Github. I will also be streamlining how sponsorship works over the coming months after a very successful take up after improving my Patreon tiers. Thanks again to everyone who is supporting the work I do on this project.

v19.12.0 (2019-11-30)

🎉 New Features

  • ts3server: converted to use tmux (#2565) (f622fe5) by Daniel Gibbs
  • zmrserver: update server files (#2569) (8281f20) by Frisasky
  • donate: add GitHub Sponsors (57589fe) by Daniel Gibbs
  • stats: add new feature LinuxGSM stat (#2590) (8dd0377) by Daniel Gibbs
  • travis: update distro to ubuntu 18.04 bionic (#2587) (772109a) by Daniel Gibbs
  • mod: Update sourcemod to 1.10 (87a3570) by Frisasky
  • docs: refactor contributing.md and other templates (#2606) (bfa56e6) by Daniel Gibbs
  • monitor: migrate monitor settings to _default.cfg (#2611) (351cf40) by Daniel Gibbs
  • linuxgsm: deprecate servicename variable (#2594) (b4290a3) by Daniel Gibbs
  • core: convert ${curlpath} to using curl and improve code standards (#2616) (835fdee) by Daniel Gibbs
  • refactor: double quote for branch name (#2618) (fc72cae) by Frisasky
  • testing: add code coverage and streamline unit testing (#2620) (75c3238) by Daniel Gibbs
  • newserver: Minecraft Bedrock (#2626) (8647857) by Marvin Lehmann

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • install: Add space after “Game:” during install (8bf7444) by Daniel Gibbs
  • insserver: re-add no restart to parameters (#2577) (d0fe791) by Frisasky
  • config: standardise design and bug fixes various issues with _default.cfg files (#2582) (e271439) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ts3server: ts3 version detection when server was started with ‘logappend=1’ #2584 (#2585) (ccab1fa) by Tamim Baschour
  • rustserver: corrected stop mode for Rust (#2588) (5322d49) by Daniel Gibbs
  • alert: fixed typo in config change alert (#2596) (264b820) by Levi Figueira
  • install: use http instead of https to improve distro compatibility (#2608) (56583d2) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ecoserver: remove mono 6 as a dependency for eco (mono 5 still required) (#2610) (7280258) by Daniel Gibbs



v19.11.0 (2019-10-16)

? New Features

  • stop: stop type can now be set in _default.cfg (#2520) (7c9a4f7) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: Add game server resource usage and details refactor (#2527) (11336dc) by Daniel Gibbs
  • alerts: add slack support to alerts (#2529) (fc13af0) by Kenny Lindelof
  • newserver: Action: Source (#2507) (eda883d) by Frisasky
  • newserver: Warfork (#2535) (7396f1e) by psymin, Frisasky and Daniel Gibbs
  • fofserver: update default number of players (#2548) (de6cdee) by Frisasky
  • install: add dependency checking support for CentOS 8 (#2526) (4cb2417) by Frisasky
  • install: add mono dependency checking support for Debian 10 (#2546) (63dffc5) by Frisasky
  • monitor: upgrade gsquery to python3 (#2526) (4cb2417) by Frisasky
  • newserver: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (#2539) (7a3fa84) by Frisasky
  • linuxgsm: various ui improvements (#2554) (7059d9a) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: add tar to dependency checking (3d9f365) by Daniel Gibbs

? Bug Fixes

  • insserver: resolve config issues (#2521) (39bed3e) by Frisasky
  • install: pstbs and wurm dependency fix (6b251cc) by Daniel Gibbs
  • steamcmd: fix beta branch support (f975d5c) by Frisasky
  • monitor: fix quake2 and query not working (e8a12e1) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: fix a typo breaking bf1942 install (3e66848) by Frisasky
  • alert: include slack alert in detail command (0f8595e) by Kenny Lindelof



v19.10.0 (2019-08-30)

? New Features

? Bug Fixes

  • btserver: update executable (#2438) (2e6d292) by Daniel Gibbs
  • fastdl: linebreaks for fastdl output (#2451) (d88c81e) by Christian
  • check_deps: sven coop libssl (#2456) (ba938b5) by Christian
  • doiserver: now requires maxplayers to be set to 32 (#2468) (43af797) by Frisasky
  • btserver: fix serverbinary #2453 (#2477) (44eb070) by Christian
  • fastdl: correct fastdl file structure (#2450) (6761e50) by Christian
  • details: master server will now only show if set to true (#2488) (81c9e51) by Daniel Gibbs
  • mtaserver: auto-install no longer waits at a prompt (#2418) (3d43c4c) by Bourne-ID



v19.9.0 (2019-07-10)

? New Features

  • barotrauma: Migrate to use dedicated server appid (af50e2a) by Morbo
  • bbserver: enable steam master query (#2429) (7a60441) by Frisasky
  • cod4server: update COD4 glibc version (#2425) (8f0ecf2) by Frisasky
  • untserver: add mono dependency for Unturned (#2426) (15c52a9) by Frisasky
  • newserver: SourceForts Classic (#2430) (eb17129) by Frisasky
  • newserver: The Specialists (#2427) (9695902) by Frisasky

? Bug Fixes

  • install: fix url in command (#2407) (dc931a7) by Christian
  • install: check if gslt token empty instead of existing (#2408) (b90623f) by Christian
  • install: correct gslt detection (0b4479b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • linuxgsm.sh: fix bug causing serverlist.csv to keep loading (65d3053) by Daniel Gibbs
  • docs: moved pull_request_template.md to correct location (f349605) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ecoserver: add missing Network.eco for Eco (#2424) (135a486) by Frisasky
  • coduoserver: removed fix that is no longer required. (2c5bcdc) by Daniel Gibbs
  • travis-ci: resolve broken tests (#2440) (e054678) by Daniel Gibbs