Release 180908: Post Scriptum


A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Post Scriptum as the latest server addition.


  • New Server: Post Scriptum #1911
  • Details will now list if the server is on the steam master server #1847 (where applicable)
  • Added option to disable ANSI colours
  • Fix #1949
  • Rust: refactor of wipe command
  • Rust: Added wipeall command #1830
  • Details will no longer exit if IP is not set
  • Gmod: Removed +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 as no longer required #1846
  • Added jq to minecraft requirements
  • Non-English locale in Arch Linux #1970

Release 180718: Eco & HL1 Mods


Brain Bread

Vampire Slayer

Natural Selection


  • Issues Bots Added – Bots have been added to assist with issue management.
    • Lock-Threads Bot – Closed issues that are inactive for 1 year are locked.
    • No-Response Bot – Issues labelled “waiting response” will be closed after being inactive for 30 days.
    • Potential Duplicate Bot – Identifies if an issue is a possible duplicate.
    • Request Info Bot – Issues labeled “needs more info” will give a link to the support guide.
    • Wrong Forum Bot – If issue is labeled “wrong forum” it is closed and message pointing to the support page is displayed.
    • Welcome Bot – A welcome message for first time posters
  • Telegram proxy settings added useful for countries like Russia where Telegram is blocked #1901
  • New Server: Eco
  • New Server: BrainBread
  • New Server: Natural Selection
  • New Server: Vampire Slayer
  • Fixed: Missing Discord alert icon
  • Fixed: Major cleaning of tmux handling 01919f2#diff-48450d6989748f731105ccb82bdcf9e6
  • Fixed: post-details not updating info after first use
  • Fixed: post-details displaying api and gslt info
  • Fixed: Standardised the steam workshop variable names
  • New Mods added to mods-list
  • Fixed: gamedig no longer decides the query port (LinuxGSM decides)
  • Update: sourcemod to version 1.9
  • Update: Check dependencies added mono and improved code
  • Fixed: #1779 Cannot find python dependency when python is installed.
  • Fixed: Added Serious Sam 3 Fix
  • Update: Changed to how RAM is displayed in details
  • Update: Improved distro detection
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes
  • Fixed: Added nogui to minecraft params
  • Update: now using domain to download LinuxGSM script

Release 180409: Rising Worlds and ET: Legacy

Rising Worlds

ET: Legacy

node-gamedig Integration

LinuxGSM now supports node-gamedig query tool.

This allows live info to be added to details such as players, current map and bots. node-gamedig can also be used with monitor instead of gsquery.

node-gamedig is currently optional and not required to run LinuxGSM.

We will be looking at further uses for node-gamedig in the future.

to install you need to install Node.js 6.0 or higher and jq.

apt install nodejs npm jq
yum install nodejs npm jq
npm install gamedig -g

Remember to update your server.

./gameserver update-lgsm


  • Added new server Rising World #470
  • Added new server ET: Legacy #1164
  • Added support for node-gamedig
  • Updated Factorio to glibc 2.18 #1867
  • TeamSpeak 3 now has a query monitor.
  • Changed apt-get to apt
  • Changed many sleep timers from 1 second to 0.5 to speed up LinuxGSM
  • Fix for issue #1784 Tmux closing wrong session
  • Fixed dependency requirements for CoD 2 and CoD:UO #1866
  • Discord now uses external IP over standard IP #1664
  • Code tidy/improvements with guidance from Shellcheck
  • Added development command query-raw
  • Added development command clear-functions
  • Added development log dev-debug-function-order.log
  • Added fctrserver to Travis CI tests
  • Updates to GitHub Issues; Added bots and updated templated
  • Fixed button no longer working
  • Corrected Query Port for UT3 (Query Port does not work btw)

Support LinuxGSM

If you are a fan of LinuxGSM you can support via PayPal or Patreon. Thank you for your continued support!

Release 180318: Battalion 1944 and Base Defense

Battalion 1944

Base Defense

Been a busy weekend of releasing new updates. Some of you will be pleased to hear that Battalion 1944 server has been created thanks to @marvinlehmann. The HL mod Base Defense has also been released thanks to @hurdad. For Garry’s Mod users the PAC3 Mod has been added to the mods installer, thanks @UltimateByte. There are the also usual bug fixes and code improvements. Enjoy!

  • Release: Battalion 1944 @marvinlehmann
  • Release: Base Defense @hurdad
  • Improved: Travis CI
    Builds now parallel halving test time
    Shellcheck test added
    now shows the which function files are called
  • Updated domain to
  • Rust: Improvements to handling of salt @UltimateByte
  • Removed the which command for checking commands exist (only using command now)
  • Various code improvements
  • Added unreal4 engine to gsquery
  • Added PAC3 mod for Garry’s Mod @UltimateByte

Release Notes

Stationeers Server Released


Stationeers is the latest server to be released with LinuxGSM support thanks to FliesWithWind. Along with the new release there are a few bug fixes. You may of noticed fewer releases recently as I have been away for the past few months. However I am back now so new servers releases will be more frequent again.

  • Release: Stationeers
  • Fixed: gsquery idtech query bug #1753
  • changed files domain to 80c7e0e
  • Minecraft: changed udp to tcp #1730
  • Killing Floor 2: gamemode now configurable #1782
  • Teamspeak 3: Can now use json updated if jq is installed ada3909