Release v24.2.0

In the latest release, several enhancements and fixes have been introduced. Notable features include parallel backup creation using pigz for faster backups. Significant work on compatibility with gamedig 5, including auto install of gamedig if nodejs is installed as well as LinuxGSM will peg to a specific version of gamedig to prevent breaking changes. Additionally, alerts now support Telegram group topics and silent notifications. The release also introduces the Humanitz server, updates paths for Warfork, and ensures dependency consistency. Palworld developers changed the binary name so that has also been updated.

What’s Changed

  • feat(backup): add parallel backup creation using pigz by @MicLieg in #4509
  • feat(monitor): prepare for gamedig 5 by @dgibbs64 in #4510
  • fix(pwserver): fix updated start parameters by @MicLieg in #4516
  • fix(info_game): add ip query timeout and backup api service by @MicLieg in #4524
  • feat(alerts): add support for telegram group topics & silent notifications by @MicLieg in #4526
  • feat(dev): add new developer command for parsing distro details by @MicLieg in #4523
  • feat(new server): humanitz by @ocristopfer in #4518
  • Update Warfork path by @Gelmo in #4541
  • fix: add humanitz icon by @ocristopfer in #4536
  • build(deps): bump actions/add-to-project from 0.5.0 to 0.6.1 by @dependabot in #4538
  • fix(parse-details): change heading of output & add hint for creating new variables by @MicLieg in #4531
  • fix(vh): update bepinexvh url to new url #4547 by @siljelb in #4548
  • build(deps): bump actions/add-to-project from 0.5.0 to 1.0.0 by @dependabot in #4546
  • fix(vh): update binary name to PalServer-Linux-Shipping by @dgibbs64 in #4551
  • Release v24.2.0 by @dgibbs64 in #4552

New Contributors

Full Changelogv24.1.5…v24.2.0

Release v23.7.0

This release sees Quake 4 added, a bunch of fixes, refactoring and a UE4 server tidy-up, including finding a few servers that have been upgraded to UE5. While this is not the most exciting release the quality-of-life improvements will help existing servers. Full changelog can be found here.

Currently, I am slowly going through each of the game servers I am hosting, opening the ports and ensuring I can connect to them. It is proving to be a great exercise in highlighting any issues with existing game servers and you will see fixes being added as I find them. A prime example is issue #4389 which highlighted that the was so old that unless you manually updated it a Killing Floor server would not show in the steam server browser. This is the sort of issue I would not have noticed unless I re-tested KF.

On a side note, I rediscovered Natural Selection 2 and have been playing it for the past week or so because I was just testing the game server. It has a small dedicated community and it has been great to pickup a game I haven’t played in years.

Work continues to add new features and fixes and I am looking forward to another year of development of a project that has run for over 10 years.

As always thank you to everyone who contributes to LinuxGSM and if you enjoy my work consider sponsoring me.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.

Release v23.3.0

Version v23.3.0 has been released, introducing three new servers: Craftopia, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, and Operation: Harsh Doorstop.

Noteworthy updates in this release include the addition of support for Debian 12, optimizations in gamedig queries, significant refactoring of the details gathering process, and renaming the functions directory to modules. Additionally, various bug fixes have been implemented for pz and hw.

The improvements in this release primarily focus on enhancing the support for an expanding list of game servers, aiming to make the code more scalable. Scalability plays a vital role in ensuring the continued success of this project, as the project’s growth leads to longer development times for improvements. To address this, I am refactoring the code to streamline and expedite the development of LinuxGSM, and I am also increasing the utilization of CI/Pipelines to gather information and conduct thorough testing, thereby improving the quality of LinuxGSM. Furthermore, the ongoing improvements involve exploring methods to gather and store additional information about game servers, such as ports and resource requirements.

In addition, some of you may have noticed my work on a new docker project. This project leverages GitHub Actions automation to generate images and docker-compose files automatically. As you can see, gathering information about game servers is a crucial aspect of this project. It is very time-consuming to manually create new docker images each time a new server is released, so the idea is to have them automatically generated.

Full change log here Release v23.3.0 · GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM (


Hello, this release has been a big one with many bugs fixed and a long term feature request added, with this release focusing on improving the quality of existing servers rather than adding several new ones. Firstly the newest server added for this release is Jedi Knight II. Improvements include adding Rust wipe custom map support, support, new info about console interactions.

The biggest new feature is removing the requirement for servers with multiple IP addresses to manually enter an IP address the game server will bind too into config or parameter. This change will further improve automation, simplify installation and configuration.

A whole bunch of bug fixes have been completed thanks to contributions from volunteers, specifically from Christian who has been sifting through the issues list and clearing off many annoyances that I haven’t had the time to address. Highlights include fixing Soldat install infinite loop, improvements to handling, reworking Eco after a major update, updating Squad system directory, fixing Wurm server startup failure, updating several mod links so they work again and a whole bunch of other behind the scene fixes and code refactors.

There is still some documentation and the website to update but I hope you all enjoy the new release.

I have also been actively working on the LinuxGSM docker container to both improve my knowledge and create a stable working container. Some of the improvements in LinuxGSM will go towards the goal of finally getting a decent official docker image. There is still plenty of work ahead with the container but it is moving in the right direction.

v20.5.0 (2020-09-20)

? New Features

  • details: change master server to state listed or not listed (17a07e2) by Daniel Gibbs
  • console: allow console to state if verbose and/or interactive (#3000) (67333ff) by Daniel Gibbs
  • newserver: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (#3002) (eb9e5a9) by Daniel Gibbs
  • remove requirement to input IP (#3015) (33eb01b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rustserver: add rust custom map support (#3017) (c267953) by P4R4NORM4L
  • various improvements to related messages and issues (#3040) (358e34d) by Daniel Gibbs
  • alerts: add and alerts refactor (#3051) (ee515b7) by Daniel Gibbs
  • fix: move fix to a seperate function (a6d564c) by Christian

? Bug Fixes

  • solserver: resolve install infinite loop (#2990) (424af4f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • awk to properly grab the server pid when spaces are present in the session name (#2997) (db4d3cc) by Ryan Walters
  • ahlserver: correct game name to use capitals (f3b6d56) by Daniel Gibbs
  • resolve steamcmd outputting the same messages to logs (#3011) (af783e2) by Daniel Gibbs
  • csserver: fix missing (#3030) (fa5a668) by Christian
  • fctrserver: fix and improve fetching info from config file (#3031) (37fda0f) by Christian
  • pzserver: fix missing (#3029) (cb03c16) by Christian
  • config: add pushoveruserkey to all configs (#3028) (6102c28) by Christian
  • ecoserver: updates for Eco 0.9.0 (#3024) (2c4e414) by Christian
  • arkserver: add admin and connect password to details (#3033) (54b20d5) by Christian
  • eco: display correct values in display and fixup (#3034) (4d587e3) by Christian
  • squad: move systemdir to new location (#3036) (9e7ce43) by Christian
  • mods: change url to new domain for oxide + redo last version fetch (#3037) (a99cc53) by Christian
  • sdtdserver: config parsing for the port (#3007) (1bd8194) by Christian
  • untserver: fix issue (#3038) (c205e26) by Christian
  • untserver: remove mono-complete requirement and fix query port (#3039) (d9690f8) by Daniel Gibbs
  • sdtdserver: fixes to sdtd (#3041) (d961b05) by Daniel Gibbs
  • mods: fix csgo get5 fetching for the latest version (e4db2a6) by H3o66
  • fctrserver: add bind parameter for Factorio server (#3045) (4f42e70) by Christian
  • wurm: fix server startup for wurm and dependency (#3046) (7fe9929) by Christian
  • mcb: update fails, as the site does a redirect and does not follow (#3047) (8e4d7ae) by Christian
  • mod: csgo pug fix var not set (#3053) (47a02e8) by Christian
    mods: add csgo pug to the modlist (#3044) (647beb5) by Christian


This release sees two new servers added the classic Battlefield: Vietnam and space survival Memories of Mars. Ark as seen support for the Epic store added and the optional ability to create your own save directory. Rust has seen its wipe command updated so no input is required anymore making it easier to use with a cron. The Rust console also will now have an output and Rust + support added. The way LinuxGSM uses SteamCMD has improved and will now catch errors and advise on the error, plus the beta password option has been added for custom branches. A whole bunch of other improvements and fixes can be seen below.

Last months drive to get more sponsors was a massive success and all Sponsors got their gift card in time for the summer sale and picked up a few bargains. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the project.

v20.4.0 (2020-07-18)

New Features

  • new server: Battlefield: Vietnam (#2909) (f2f8063) by ttocszed00
  • newserver: Memories of Mars (#2911) (5550303) by ttocszed00
  • arkserver: add support for epic store players. (#2947) (276419f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • arkserver: add altsavedirectoryname to allow custom save location (#2948) (af4e07e) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ut2k4server: update release to 3369.3 (#2952) (f6a9070) by Daniel Gibbs
  • steamcmd: refactor how SteamCMD server downloads are handled (#2959) (be0c448) by Daniel Gibbs
  • update: add betapassword option for custom steamcmd branches (#2962) (e5ee945) by Daniel Gibbs
  • stop: add end option to graceful stop (#2963) (a3da62f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: add appid and branch password to details (#2964) (f020669) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rustserver: add support for Rust + app (#2965) (a941499) by Nathan
  • rustserver: console now has an output (#2966) (4861d13) by Daniel Gibbs

? Bug Fixes

  • update-lgsm: will force to download (d908637) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: fix if typo in starbound details (#2929) (56b87ef) by ttocszed00
  • avserver: fix post install for Avorion #2925 (#2928) (8ebeac9) by Christian
  • query: tuning for correct player count (#2913) (dc70753) by Jimmy Maple
  • bf1942server: alter query type to protocol-gamespy1 (#2932) (a40bdf3) by Daniel Gibbs
  • tf2server: remove libtcmalloc-minimal4:i386 and gperftools-libs.i686 (#2950) (7208626) by Daniel Gibbs
  • debian 11: change name of lib32gcc1 to lib32gcc-s1 for debian 11 (#2951) (1d57607) by Daniel Gibbs
  • info: gather external ip from instead of (#2953) (8462086) by Daniel Gibbs
  • hard lock reference (#2956) (a41f388) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rustserver: refactor wipe so no input is required (#2958) (8316d87) by Daniel Gibbs
  • update: allow steamcmd to check for updates on beta branches (#2960) (edacc33) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: suppress jq error (6508caa) by Daniel Gibbs
  • log: allow logs to correctly display primary command (#2969) (d327e93) by Daniel Gibbs