This release sees two new servers added the classic Battlefield: Vietnam and space survival Memories of Mars. Ark as seen support for the Epic store added and the optional ability to create your own save directory. Rust has seen its wipe command updated so no input is required anymore making it easier to use with a cron. The Rust console also will now have an output and Rust + support added. The way LinuxGSM uses SteamCMD has improved and will now catch errors and advise on the error, plus the beta password option has been added for custom branches. A whole bunch of other improvements and fixes can be seen below.

Last months drive to get more sponsors was a massive success and all Sponsors got their gift card in time for the summer sale and picked up a few bargains. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the project.

v20.4.0 (2020-07-18)

New Features

  • new server: Battlefield: Vietnam (#2909) (f2f8063) by ttocszed00
  • newserver: Memories of Mars (#2911) (5550303) by ttocszed00
  • arkserver: add support for epic store players. (#2947) (276419f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • arkserver: add altsavedirectoryname to allow custom save location (#2948) (af4e07e) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ut2k4server: update release to 3369.3 (#2952) (f6a9070) by Daniel Gibbs
  • steamcmd: refactor how SteamCMD server downloads are handled (#2959) (be0c448) by Daniel Gibbs
  • update: add betapassword option for custom steamcmd branches (#2962) (e5ee945) by Daniel Gibbs
  • stop: add end option to graceful stop (#2963) (a3da62f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: add appid and branch password to details (#2964) (f020669) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rustserver: add support for Rust + app (#2965) (a941499) by Nathan
  • rustserver: console now has an output (#2966) (4861d13) by Daniel Gibbs

? Bug Fixes

  • update-lgsm: will force to download (d908637) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: fix if typo in starbound details (#2929) (56b87ef) by ttocszed00
  • avserver: fix post install for Avorion #2925 (#2928) (8ebeac9) by Christian
  • query: tuning for correct player count (#2913) (dc70753) by Jimmy Maple
  • bf1942server: alter query type to protocol-gamespy1 (#2932) (a40bdf3) by Daniel Gibbs
  • tf2server: remove libtcmalloc-minimal4:i386 and gperftools-libs.i686 (#2950) (7208626) by Daniel Gibbs
  • debian 11: change name of lib32gcc1 to lib32gcc-s1 for debian 11 (#2951) (1d57607) by Daniel Gibbs
  • info: gather external ip from instead of (#2953) (8462086) by Daniel Gibbs
  • hard lock reference (#2956) (a41f388) by Daniel Gibbs
  • rustserver: refactor wipe so no input is required (#2958) (8316d87) by Daniel Gibbs
  • update: allow steamcmd to check for updates on beta branches (#2960) (edacc33) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: suppress jq error (6508caa) by Daniel Gibbs
  • log: allow logs to correctly display primary command (#2969) (d327e93) by Daniel Gibbs