In this hotfix, there are several fixes for Rust primarily around the wipe command and random seed. This was meant to be a small change that turned into a significant refactor of the wipe command.

The wipe commands are now the following.

./rustserver map-wipe
./rustserver full-wipe

The old names do still apply so no changes to your cronjobs are required.

I have also fixed a few image-related issues with Rust and discord.

v21.2.3 (2021-04-06)

? New Features

  • mcb: gamedig is now supported (#3389)
  • etl: update ET: Legacy to 2.77.1 (#3417)
  • wipe: resolve random seed and simplify wipe (#3420)

? Bug Fixes

  • arma3: increase glibc requirement to 2.27 (#3408)
  • alert: correct discord avatar from png to jpg (#3410)
  • rust: increase rust query delay (#3412)
  • rust: resolve rust seed not loading to server (#3407)