I am very excited to announce that OVHCloud US has partnered with LinuxGSM. They are supplying me with 2 of their beefy INFRA-2 servers.

Over the past month, I have setup Proxmox on both and paired them using the OVH vRack. It has been a great learning experience to start using an Open Source Hypervisor. I have migrated over my webserver and I am very pleased with the speed increase of now having nVMe drives and a sizable CPU increase from my existing Dedicated server.

These new servers have also allowed me to set up several permanent Official LinuxGSM Servers that will always allow me to quickly test and monitor the most popular Game Servers. Having a new partner has allowed me to diversify my production servers and test environments.

If you are in the market for a new dedicated server to host your LinuxGSM server check out the OVHCloud Game Range that is designed to handle the most demanding of game servers and comes with a gaming firewall as standard, for DDOS protection specifically adapted for dealing with UDP traffic.

I have been in contact with James MacKenzie at OVHCloud who has produced a brilliant LinuxGSM tutorial for Rust and is planning to add another for Valheim in the future.

I would like to thank all my partners, sponsors and everyone who has contributed to and supports LinuxGSM.