A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Insurgency: Sandstorm as the latest server addition. As well as various bug fixes and improvements.



  • New server inssserver: Insurgency Sandstorm #2004
  • editor config created to help developers with code conventions. @borzaka #2076
  • arkserver: updated parameters adding AltSaveDirectoryName= and -automanagedmods #1965
  • csgoserver: added new game mode examples #2067
  • standardised default servername in parameters
  • Discord Alert: only use public IP #1664
  • fix: Monitor for codserver #2028
  • fix: External IP never gets populated #2056
  • Design tweaks and JSON-safe escaping string @diamondburned #2046
  • New csgoserver mods: GOKZ and TTT are only CS:GO @ borzaka mods #2075
  • fix: Discord Profile Picture #2072
  • fix: Minor code improvements
  • fix: gamedig tried both –query_port and –port argument
  • added: donate option to encourage donations
  • fix: restored legacy free command so older distros can use it if numfmt is unavailable
  • tidy up of info_glibc.sh
  • updated installation header

Support LinuxGSM

If you use LinuxGSM to manage your Clan/Community game servers consider supporting the project.

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Linode Supporting LinuxGSM

Linode has been very kind in supporting LinuxGSM development by providing some great advice and servers to the project.

This has allowed the creation of reliable test servers for development. They have also given guidance on documentation and pointers on ways to help automate some game server tests. This has given some great ideas on how to grow the project. I got to speak with some really friendly and knowledgeable people. I look forward to continuing our partnership with them in tp the future.

So if you want to set up a new game server check out Linode. They have just released a new cloud management interface as well.