Release 180908: Wurm Unlimited

A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Wurm Unlimited as the latest server addition.

  • New Server: Wurm Unlimited #1460
  • Details no longer exit if no ip is set #1385
  • Codacy is now used to check the code state
  • arkserver: now uses defaultmap var
  • csgoserver: Wingman mode added to config #2027
  • Running ./csgoserver install as root will run a dependency check #2017
  • Ubuntu: LinuxGSM Will check that universe repo is active
  • svenserver: Updated dependency requirements #2029
  • mumbleserver: now uses tmux for status check #1892
  • mcserver: can now be queried with monitor #1955
  • mumbleserver: can now be queried with monitor
  • post details and details now match ip addresses #1857.
  • unreal engine servers requiring restarts on install work again
  • fixed numfmt error #2005
  • details: master server details will only be gathered if jq is installed
  • csgoserver: Mods added GOKZ and Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Factorio: Improvements to updater #1933
  • ts3server: improvements to updater #1931
  • fixed ansi colors not displaying correctly #2006
  • [ut2k4server] adds Escape characters to server config #1448
  • added .gtattributes file to ensure crlf line endings
  • use branch name while checking for updates 9d005b0

The following servers are currently broken due to dependency issues.

  • Serious Sam 3
  • Goldeneye: Source