tada New Features

  • new server: Sticky Bots
  • docs: added code of conduct
  • docs: migrate from github wiki to docs.linuxgsm.com

bug Bug Fixes

  • details: resolve current game mode showing incorrectly (1e0ae7b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • inssserver: fix the password and the default scenario parameters (#2110) (95ec274) by Outpox
  • start: correct order of tmux size arguments (4f45168) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ts3server: re-add support for libmariadb2 (#2114) (9bc5458) by Daniel Gibbs
  • fast-dl: correct sound directory name (#1999) (58e88be) by Daniel Gibbs
  • backup: include hidden directories in backup or rootdir #2087 (f66dc43) by Daniel Gibbs
  • refactor: if statements now use shortname
  • details: bots will not show if bots are 0 (0210503) by Daniel Gibbs
  • website: update epel instructions for CentOS (#1956)