LinuxGSM has been going since 2012 and now the latest release of LinuxGSM has hit the milestone of over 100 game servers supported.

An achievement that I am extremely proud of. It has been the amazing support and contributions from the gaming community that has helped me to continue with this project that I get so much out of. 

There is still a massive backlog of servers to be added and new features to work on so plenty to be getting on with.

Check out the changelog to see the new features and fixes.

Thanks all for your feedback with the survey and liking the project on I will be using the feedback to steer the direction of the project. Keep an eye out for future surveys in the future.

I have also been overhauling sponsorship/donations with new tiers on Patreon, adding a discord donation bot and ko-fi. I will be investigating other methods for raising some extra funds, to help support my growing family.

Finally, remember to vote for features you want adding to LinuxGSM on GitHub.