v19.9.0 (2019-07-10)

? New Features

  • barotrauma: Migrate to use dedicated server appid (af50e2a) by Morbo
  • bbserver: enable steam master query (#2429) (7a60441) by Frisasky
  • cod4server: update COD4 glibc version (#2425) (8f0ecf2) by Frisasky
  • untserver: add mono dependency for Unturned (#2426) (15c52a9) by Frisasky
  • newserver: SourceForts Classic (#2430) (eb17129) by Frisasky
  • newserver: The Specialists (#2427) (9695902) by Frisasky

? Bug Fixes

  • install: fix url in command (#2407) (dc931a7) by Christian
  • install: check if gslt token empty instead of existing (#2408) (b90623f) by Christian
  • install: correct gslt detection (0b4479b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • linuxgsm.sh: fix bug causing serverlist.csv to keep loading (65d3053) by Daniel Gibbs
  • docs: moved pull_request_template.md to correct location (f349605) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ecoserver: add missing Network.eco for Eco (#2424) (135a486) by Frisasky
  • coduoserver: removed fix that is no longer required. (2c5bcdc) by Daniel Gibbs
  • travis-ci: resolve broken tests (#2440) (e054678) by Daniel Gibbs