I have been playing with Vagrant recently and have created a basic Vagrant file that will setup a VM ready to deploy any LinuxGSM game server. For those that know about Vagrant know its great at quickly creating virtual environments in a specific way. Eliminating the requirement to manually install a VM.

Vagrant is a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments

Vagrant will download Ubuntu 16.04, install dependencies and download linuxgsm.sh ready to install a game server of your choice.

This could be very useful for people who want to quickly setup a game server on there local PC for LAN use or testing.

The Vagrantfile is still very basic and early development so its not recommended for production servers.

I am still learning about Vagrant so if there are any Vagrant experts/enthusiasts that want to assist in improving the LinuxGSM Vagrantfile please let us know and submit any pull requests.

For more info visit the GitHub Repo and the Vagrant website for a getting started guide.