Battalion 1944

Base Defense

Been a busy weekend of releasing new updates. Some of you will be pleased to hear that Battalion 1944 server has been created thanks to @marvinlehmann. The HL mod Base Defense has also been released thanks to @hurdad. For Garry’s Mod users the PAC3 Mod has been added to the mods installer, thanks @UltimateByte. There are the also usual bug fixes and code improvements. Enjoy!

  • Release: Battalion 1944 @marvinlehmann
  • Release: Base Defense @hurdad
  • Improved: Travis CI
    Builds now parallel halving test time
    Shellcheck test added
    now shows the which function files are called
  • Updated domain to
  • Rust: Improvements to handling of salt @UltimateByte
  • Removed the which command for checking commands exist (only using command now)
  • Various code improvements
  • Added unreal4 engine to gsquery
  • Added PAC3 mod for Garry’s Mod @UltimateByte

Release Notes