This release sees the new addition of PaperMC and Waterfall popular forks of Minecraft server. I completed some research on Minecraft to get my head around the difference between mods and plugins as part of this. Patch updates for ET:Legacy and Unreal 99 also added. For supported games, the send command has been added that allows you to send commands to the console without needing to enter the console. A couple of fixes for Valheim based on feedback and 60% of game servers on LInuxGSM are Valheim. A security fix now applied to prevent server join passwords showing on post-details.

v21.2.0 (2021-03-14)

? New Features

  • install: add support for PopOS! dependency checks (#3274)
  • ark: updated default map comment (#3285)
  • core_dl: add more hashing methods (#3280)
  • alert: add an option to use a reverse proxied Telegram API server (#3228)
  • send: new command send (#3288)
  • newserver: add PaperMC Server and Waterfall (#3292)
  • ut99: update to 469b (#3364)
  • etl: update ET: Legacy to 2.77 (#3363)
  • rust: add option to set gamemode for server (#3343)

? Bug Fixes

  • mods: update Metamod:Source stable version (#3227)
  • vh: Add support for changing savedir in valheim (#3266)
  • core: add execution of check_ip before the config init (#3289)
  • vh: add escaped quotes to Valheim startparams to account for spaces (#3272)
  • ts3: correct arch var in if statement (#3283)
  • ts3: add fix to detect accounting file and delete if possible (#3204)
  • ut2k4: deprecate dependencies for ut2k4 and ut99 (#3309)
  • info: get most recent backup instead of oldest (#3319)
  • post-details: prevent password showing in start parameters (#3315)
  • start: remove double quote from tmux (#3333)
  • backup: force $lastbackup to use latest backup (#3328)
  • config: resolves issue with settings not always picked up in start parameter (#3320)
  • deps: add detection for lxc container add hostname dependency (#3350)
  • details: fix to show last backup (#3348)
  • fastdl: add missing file extention vmt and vtf (#3349)
  • startparameters set instead of parms and call function to eval parms once (#3340)
  • regression from #3328 for tmux version (#3342)
  • revert part of #3280 to fix upgrade (#3341)