v20.6.0 (2020-12-04)

? New Features

  • mods: add Stripper:Source to the modlist (#3070) (0ff4305) by Christian
  • remove support for Serious Sam 3 and Goldeneye: Source (#3078) by Daniel Gibbs
  • allow forks to use master branch (#3073) (a75ce42) by Max Vaessen
  • new server: pvrserver (#2384) by Christian
  • mods: metamod/amxmodx for goldsrc engines (#3104) by tkrn
  • ut99server: update UT99 to version 469a (OldUnreal patch) (#3110) by Daniel Gibbs
  • mcserver: select Minecraft release or snapshot (#3114) by Josh Bryans
  • add version and port details to lockfile (0b38915) by Daniel Gibbs

? Bug Fixes

  • details: Barotrauma will show as needing to be edited in game config (#3085) (5d7ff92) by Christian
  • btserver: add dependency check for libicu (#3083) by Christian
  • bf1942: add missing dependency to checks for libncurses5:i386 (#3098) (e8a7118) by Christian
  • bf1942: servername parsing (#3096) (bb78ee3) by Christian
  • deps: change ubuntu 20.10 to use lib32gcc-s1 (#3094) by Christian
  • add connect timeout to core curl functions (#3117) (269bf6e) by Christian
  • samp: fix config change after installation (#3119) by Christian