? New Features

  • newserver: Soldier of Fortune 2: Gold Edition (#2359) (e2ca77d) by tkrn
  • newserver: Barotrauma (#2400) (1fabc01) by YannKr
  • ui: add message delay setting (#2357) (fa6cfe4) by Daniel Gibbs
  • alerts: add displayip setting (#2310) (5901f19) by Daniel Gibbs
  • details: add steam master server setting (#2385) (389cbe7) by Daniel Gibbs
  • monitor: queries will not begin immediately after game server start (#2391) (eb391b1) by Daniel Gibbs
  • glibc: migrate glibc info to _default.cfg (#2379) (c4ff9c8) by Daniel Gibbs
  • mods: add get5 and SteamWorks mods (#2375) (98287d9) by Diego Jara
  • refactor comments to follow standards (#2389) (e0acffa) by Daniel Gibbs

? Bug Fixes

  • mcserver: correct wrong query port fetched from config (#2355) (229fe13) by DUDU54
  • mtaserver: correct wrong executable name in update (#2353) (56a971c) by DUDU54
  • squadserver: resolve executable and config issues (#2362) (9d7c9cc) by Frisasky
  • ts3server: ts3 now requires glibc (#2387) (fc0580f) by Christian