v19.5.3 (2019-05-03)

? New Features

  • monitor: add udp query option (#2314) (1ba0cd7) by Daniel Gibbs
  • csgoserver: unnecessary FreeForAll info, add map hint to Danger Zone (#2318) (b8f1c67) by Attila
  • csgoserver Add mapgroup and map example for the new Danger Zone map: Sirocco (#2323)
    (46dd088) by Attila
  • install: add mono support for RHEL 8 (#2306) (5ec80b9) by Frisasky
  • nmrihserver: remove default parameter that disables VAC (#2326) (2a2e734) by Frisasky
  • newserver: Unturned (#2296) (7734a35) by Heihachi

? Bug Fixes

  • bsserver: updated executable directory (#2308) (aba8f0c) by Daniel Gibbs
  • travis: correct test name (9a906b0) by Daniel Gibbs
  • terraria: add fix preventing server from starting (#2317) (cd36a1e) by Daniel Gibbs
  • twserver: change how Teeworlds configs are handled (#2313) (a7dc7fd) by Frisasky