Deploy Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Game Servers

LinuxGSM is the command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers.

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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will run on popular distros as long as the minimum requirements are met.


For consistant uptime it is recomended you host a server in a data center. If you dont already have a server, you can rent a dedicated or vitual server from one of our sponsored providers, OVHCloud, Linode, Vultr.

If the command-line isnt for your you can use GameServerApp web-based game server management service.

Minimum Recommended Distros

Other Distros

Although not tested, any distro with tmux => 1.6 and glibc => 2.24 should also be compatible with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition servers. For distros not listed above LinuxGSM does not check dependencies and should be manually checked.

Game Server Binary

Only 32-Bit game server binary is available.

steamdb icon SteamDB

Steam uses appid 1234.
Update history is available from SteamDB.

Install Dependencies Using LinuxGSM

LinuxGSM will attempt to install dependencies either by having the mcbserver user account with sudo access or running the installer as root.

user with sudo access

During the installation if the game server user has sudo permissions LinuxGSM will attempt to install any missing dependencies itself.

root user

if mcbserver is already installed run ./mcbserver install as root and LinuxGSM will automatically install missing dependencies.


From the command-line do the following. Ensuring you have also installed the required dependencies.

1. Create a user and login.
adduser mcbserver
For security best practice, ensure you set a strong password. Random password:
su - mcbserver
2. Download
curl -Lo && chmod +x && bash mcbserver
3. Run the installer following the on-screen instructions.
./mcbserver install

Basic Usage

All Commands

A complete list of commands can be found by typing.
Below are the most common commands available.



./mcbserver start


./mcbserver stop


./mcbserver restart


Console allows you to view the live console of a server as it is running and allow you to enter commands; if supported.
./mcbserver console
To exit the console press CTRL+b d. Pressing CTRL+c will terminate the server.



Update checks for any server updates and applies them. The server will update and restart only if required.
./mcbserver update



You can get all important and useful details about the server such as passwords, ports, config files etc.

./mcbserver details


Use debug mode to help you if you are having issues with the server. Debug allows you to see the output of the server directly to your terminal allowing you to diagnose any problems the server might be having.

./mcbserver debug


Server logs are available to monitor and diagnose your server. Script, console and game server (if available) logs are created for the server.



Backup will allow you to create a complete tar bzip2 archive of the whole server.

./mcbserver backup


LinuxGSM can monitor the game server by checking that the proccess is running and querying it. Should the server go offline LinuxGSM can restart the server and send you an alert. You can use cronjobs to setup monitoring.

./mcbserver monitor

Configure LinuxGSM

For details on how to alter LinuxGSM settings visit LinuxGSM Config Files page.


For detailed documentation visit the LinuxGSM docs.


To automate LinuxGSM you can set scheduled tasks using cronjobs, to run any command at any given time. You can edit the crontab using the following.

crontab -e

Below are the recommended cron tasks.

*/5 * * * * /home/mcbserver/mcbserver monitor > /dev/null 2>&1
*/30 * * * * /home/mcbserver/mcbserver update > /dev/null 2>&1
0 0 * * 0 /home/mcbserver/mcbserver update-lgsm > /dev/null 2>&1

Configure LinuxGSM

For details on how to alter LinuxGSM settings visit LinuxGSM Config Files page.


For detailed documentation visit the LinuxGSM docs.

Command-line not your thing?

Quickly deploy your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition game server with GameServerApp using just a few clicks.

How to connect with GameServerApp

Connect your LinuxGSM game server via RconConnect or your dedicated root machine via DediConnect.

LinuxGSM Partner

GameServerApp is a LinuxGSM partner offering features complimenting existing LinuxGSM game servers.

Control, monitor, and automate your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition LinuxGSM game servers from any device:

  • Integrate with Discord & Twitch, whitelist forms, etc.
  • See who's playing on your game servers and enforce your rules.
  • Auto-pilot for machines & game servers.
  • Automate activities using schedules, triggers, and achievements.
  • Integrated shop with in-game delivery and no transaction fees.
  • Invite admins to your dashboard and work together with permission-based access.

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