Release: 190106

tada New Features

  • monitor: add tcp query to query raw (#2134) (06dcbb7)
  • stop: update telnet message to include port (b957af6)
  • cod4server: add game_mp.log save in main folder (c057073)
  • docs: improve various documentation (2edc3fa)
  • travici: various improvements to travisci (#2135) (c3d2b9c)

bug Bug Fixes

  • stop: sdtd telnet stop will now work with no password set (43a69de)
  • sdtdserver: update queryport for alpha 17 (b7f0126)
  • inssserver: correct issue with server password (14b0ff0)


Release: 181216

tada New Features

  • new server: Sticky Bots
  • docs: added code of conduct
  • docs: migrate from github wiki to

bug Bug Fixes

  • details: resolve current game mode showing incorrectly (1e0ae7b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • inssserver: fix the password and the default scenario parameters (#2110) (95ec274) by Outpox
  • start: correct order of tmux size arguments (4f45168) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ts3server: re-add support for libmariadb2 (#2114) (9bc5458) by Daniel Gibbs
  • fast-dl: correct sound directory name (#1999) (58e88be) by Daniel Gibbs
  • backup: include hidden directories in backup or rootdir #2087 (f66dc43) by Daniel Gibbs
  • refactor: if statements now use shortname
  • details: bots will not show if bots are 0 (0210503) by Daniel Gibbs
  • website: update epel instructions for CentOS (#1956)


Release 181124: Insurgency: Sandstorm

A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Insurgency: Sandstorm as the latest server addition. As well as various bug fixes and improvements.



  • New server inssserver: Insurgency Sandstorm #2004
  • editor config created to help developers with code conventions. @borzaka #2076
  • arkserver: updated parameters adding AltSaveDirectoryName= and -automanagedmods #1965
  • csgoserver: added new game mode examples #2067
  • standardised default servername in parameters
  • Discord Alert: only use public IP #1664
  • fix: Monitor for codserver #2028
  • fix: External IP never gets populated #2056
  • Design tweaks and JSON-safe escaping string @diamondburned #2046
  • New csgoserver mods: GOKZ and TTT are only CS:GO @ borzaka mods #2075
  • fix: Discord Profile Picture #2072
  • fix: Minor code improvements
  • fix: gamedig tried both –query_port and –port argument
  • added: donate option to encourage donations
  • fix: restored legacy free command so older distros can use it if numfmt is unavailable
  • tidy up of
  • updated installation header

Support LinuxGSM

If you use LinuxGSM to manage your Clan/Community game servers consider supporting the project.

You can also buy games using the below affiliate links:

Linode Supporting LinuxGSM

Linode has been very kind in supporting LinuxGSM development by providing some great advice and servers to the project.

This has allowed the creation of reliable test servers for development. They have also given guidance on documentation and pointers on ways to help automate some game server tests. This has given some great ideas on how to grow the project. I got to speak with some really friendly and knowledgeable people. I look forward to continuing our partnership with them in tp the future.

So if you want to set up a new game server check out Linode. They have just released a new cloud management interface as well.


Release 180908: Wurm Unlimited

A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Wurm Unlimited as the latest server addition.

  • New Server: Wurm Unlimited #1460
  • Details no longer exit if no ip is set #1385
  • Codacy is now used to check the code state
  • arkserver: now uses defaultmap var
  • csgoserver: Wingman mode added to config #2027
  • Running ./csgoserver install as root will run a dependency check #2017
  • Ubuntu: LinuxGSM Will check that universe repo is active
  • svenserver: Updated dependency requirements #2029
  • mumbleserver: now uses tmux for status check #1892
  • mcserver: can now be queried with monitor #1955
  • mumbleserver: can now be queried with monitor
  • post details and details now match ip addresses #1857.
  • unreal engine servers requiring restarts on install work again
  • fixed numfmt error #2005
  • details: master server details will only be gathered if jq is installed
  • csgoserver: Mods added GOKZ and Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Factorio: Improvements to updater #1933
  • ts3server: improvements to updater #1931
  • fixed ansi colors not displaying correctly #2006
  • [ut2k4server] adds Escape characters to server config #1448
  • added .gtattributes file to ensure crlf line endings
  • use branch name while checking for updates 9d005b0

The following servers are currently broken due to dependency issues.

  • Serious Sam 3
  • Goldeneye: Source

Release 180908: Post Scriptum


A new release of LinuxGSM introduces Post Scriptum as the latest server addition.


  • New Server: Post Scriptum #1911
  • Details will now list if the server is on the steam master server #1847 (where applicable)
  • Added option to disable ANSI colours
  • Fix #1949
  • Rust: refactor of wipe command
  • Rust: Added wipeall command #1830
  • Details will no longer exit if IP is not set
  • Gmod: Removed +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 as no longer required #1846
  • Added jq to minecraft requirements
  • Non-English locale in Arch Linux #1970

Release 180718: Eco & HL1 Mods


Brain Bread

Vampire Slayer

Natural Selection


  • Issues Bots Added – Bots have been added to assist with issue management.
    • Lock-Threads Bot – Closed issues that are inactive for 1 year are locked.
    • No-Response Bot – Issues labelled “waiting response” will be closed after being inactive for 30 days.
    • Potential Duplicate Bot – Identifies if an issue is a possible duplicate.
    • Request Info Bot – Issues labeled “needs more info” will give a link to the support guide.
    • Wrong Forum Bot – If issue is labeled “wrong forum” it is closed and message pointing to the support page is displayed.
    • Welcome Bot – A welcome message for first time posters
  • Telegram proxy settings added useful for countries like Russia where Telegram is blocked #1901
  • New Server: Eco
  • New Server: BrainBread
  • New Server: Natural Selection
  • New Server: Vampire Slayer
  • Fixed: Missing Discord alert icon
  • Fixed: Major cleaning of tmux handling 01919f2#diff-48450d6989748f731105ccb82bdcf9e6
  • Fixed: post-details not updating info after first use
  • Fixed: post-details displaying api and gslt info
  • Fixed: Standardised the steam workshop variable names
  • New Mods added to mods-list
  • Fixed: gamedig no longer decides the query port (LinuxGSM decides)
  • Update: sourcemod to version 1.9
  • Update: Check dependencies added mono and improved code
  • Fixed: #1779 Cannot find python dependency when python is installed.
  • Fixed: Added Serious Sam 3 Fix
  • Update: Changed to how RAM is displayed in details
  • Update: Improved distro detection
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes
  • Fixed: Added nogui to minecraft params
  • Update: now using domain to download LinuxGSM script

Release 180409: Rising Worlds and ET: Legacy

Rising Worlds

ET: Legacy

node-gamedig Integration

LinuxGSM now supports node-gamedig query tool.

This allows live info to be added to details such as players, current map and bots. node-gamedig can also be used with monitor instead of gsquery.

node-gamedig is currently optional and not required to run LinuxGSM.

We will be looking at further uses for node-gamedig in the future.

to install you need to install Node.js 6.0 or higher and jq.

apt install nodejs npm jq
yum install nodejs npm jq
npm install gamedig -g

Remember to update your server.

./gameserver update-lgsm


  • Added new server Rising World #470
  • Added new server ET: Legacy #1164
  • Added support for node-gamedig
  • Updated Factorio to glibc 2.18 #1867
  • TeamSpeak 3 now has a query monitor.
  • Changed apt-get to apt
  • Changed many sleep timers from 1 second to 0.5 to speed up LinuxGSM
  • Fix for issue #1784 Tmux closing wrong session
  • Fixed dependency requirements for CoD 2 and CoD:UO #1866
  • Discord now uses external IP over standard IP #1664
  • Code tidy/improvements with guidance from Shellcheck
  • Added development command query-raw
  • Added development command clear-functions
  • Added development log dev-debug-function-order.log
  • Added fctrserver to Travis CI tests
  • Updates to GitHub Issues; Added bots and updated templated
  • Fixed button no longer working
  • Corrected Query Port for UT3 (Query Port does not work btw)

Support LinuxGSM

If you are a fan of LinuxGSM you can sponsor the project. Thank you for your continued support!

Release 180318: Battalion 1944 and Base Defense

Battalion 1944

Base Defense

Been a busy weekend of releasing new updates. Some of you will be pleased to hear that Battalion 1944 server has been created thanks to @marvinlehmann. The HL mod Base Defense has also been released thanks to @hurdad. For Garry’s Mod users the PAC3 Mod has been added to the mods installer, thanks @UltimateByte. There are the also usual bug fixes and code improvements. Enjoy!

  • Release: Battalion 1944 @marvinlehmann
  • Release: Base Defense @hurdad
  • Improved: Travis CI
    Builds now parallel halving test time
    Shellcheck test added
    now shows the which function files are called
  • Updated domain to
  • Rust: Improvements to handling of salt @UltimateByte
  • Removed the which command for checking commands exist (only using command now)
  • Various code improvements
  • Added unreal4 engine to gsquery
  • Added PAC3 mod for Garry’s Mod @UltimateByte

Release Notes

Stationeers Server Released


Stationeers is the latest server to be released with LinuxGSM support thanks to FliesWithWind. Along with the new release there are a few bug fixes. You may of noticed fewer releases recently as I have been away for the past few months. However I am back now so new servers releases will be more frequent again.

  • Release: Stationeers
  • Fixed: gsquery idtech query bug #1753
  • changed files domain to 80c7e0e
  • Minecraft: changed udp to tcp #1730
  • Killing Floor 2: gamemode now configurable #1782
  • Teamspeak 3: Can now use json updated if jq is installed ada3909