June Sponsor Steam Gift

As a thank you to existing sponsors and to encourage new sponsors for the month of June anyone who sponsors $10 or above on GitHub sponsors will receive a £10 ($12.20 approx) steam gift card.

Update: Since this has been quite popular I am adding another gift card amount to help out with the upcoming summer sale, anyone who sponsors $25 or more will receive a £25 ($30.50 approx) gift card.

The Details

  • Steam gift cards are in pound sterling as I am British. Steam will convert to your local currency.
  • Anyone who is an existing or new GitHub sponsor in June will be able to claim a Steam Gift card.
  • Gift cards will be sent out on the first week in July (around the steam summer sale time).

Patreon Sponsors

Any existing Patreon’s who want to claim a steam gift card should move to GitHub sponsors. This is because GitHub sponsors currently have a matching fund and no platform and payment fees meaning I currently receive 200% of your sponsorship.

If you move to GitHub sponsors your role will be removed from Discord. Simply mention me and I can re-apply it or you can remain on the $1 tier on Patreon or use Donate Bot.

Why are you doing this?

GitHub sponsors is a new sponsorship platform that does not have any platform fees and is currently matching any sponsors for the first year, so any donations made by you is matched by GitHub. Because of this, it allows me to give something back to sponsors in the form of steam gift cards.

How do I claim my Steam Gift Card?

Join the LinuxGSM discord and request the Sponsor role from @DanGibbs. Fill out a form that is available to sponsors on Discord in the channel #steam-gift. During the first week of July, I will add you do my friend’s list and send you the steam digital gift card.


This new release added two new servers Assetto Corsa and Avorion and a bunch of new features, fixes and improvements.

For people who have multi-instance servers, all server instances will now reboot after an update. This works by monitor noticing that the server instance has not been rebooted since the previous update and automatically rebooting the instance.

For Soldat players, you may have noticed that it is now hosted on Steam, including the game server. With the assistance of one of the Soldat developers, I migrated the server to SteamCMD and added query functionality.

Further improvements to how SteamCMD functions have been completed. I had to do some research and get help from a Debian maintainer. The improvement standardized the install locations of SteamCMD to place it in the directories that are recommended by Valve. Now no matter the install method for SteamCMD it will always be in the same location.

I would also like to thank GameserverApp for becoming a LinuxGSM partner. GameserverApp uses LinuxGSM to deploy there Linux servers. Their products compliment LinuxGSM well by adding web-based RCON capability to supported game servers and various community tools to manage game servers. I will be working with Max (owner of GameserverApp) over the coming months to see how his products can best help LinuxGSM users. If you want to test out GameserverApp you can connect 5 of your LinuxGSM servers for free.

v20.2.0 (2020-04-24)

🎉 New Features

  • update: multi instance servers will reboot automatically on update (#2800) (ed536ea) by Daniel Gibbs
  • steamcmd: move steamcmd dir to standard location (#2822) (8f14f97) by Daniel Gibbs
  • solserver: migrate to steamcmd and improve monitor (#2829) (f355275) by Daniel Gibbs
  • newserver: Assetto Corsa (#2830) (f0729fc) by Daniel Gibbs
  • newserver: Avorion (#2476) (2f9800e) by Christian

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • correct error with fn_print_error_eol_nl (17efcab) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ts3server: improve ts3 ip parsing (#2789) (fed59c9) by GrillGuth
  • messages: improvements to messaging (#2792) (a3e1b53) by Daniel Gibbs
  • correct and standardise name of goldsrc engine (#2803) (25cfd3b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • alert: resolve bug with telegram curlcustomstring error (147057e) by RuioWolf
  • validate: resolve validate not functioning for non branch (#2802) (390fc23) by Daniel Gibbs
  • roserver: fix bug in _default.cfg (#2813) (3674dd5) by Christian
  • correct and standardise name of goldsrc engine (#2814) (773812a) by Daniel Gibbs
  • install: will not use apt steamcmd package if ubuntu 14.04 (#2820) (b30b36f) by Daniel Gibbs
  • logs: resolve modulename not showing in logs (#2818) (f76cd6b) by Daniel Gibbs
  • bug: gamedig not using the correct JSON object (#2821) (7a38c17) by Jimmy Maple
  • travis: add various fixes to travis tests (#2827) (b88f8d2) by Daniel Gibbs
  • ss3server: resolve ss3 dependency issues (#2823) (b194aeb) by Daniel Gibbs


LinuxGSM Featured on GamingOnLinux

Last month I reached out to Liam the author of one of my favourite Linux Gaming news and review sites. I asked him if he would be willing to do a post about the milestone of LinuxGSM reaching 100 game servers supported.

It turns out GamingOnLinux uses LinuxGSM to host there 7 Days to Die server which they use for the GamingOnLinux Twitch streams. The next day an article went up highlighting the project.

I would like to thank GamingOnLinux for taking the time to write the article which you can check out here and I also personally recommend them for your Linux Gaming news.

Check out the GamingOnLinux article here.